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Selling cheap price demineralization machines in Jakarta

Demineralization machine is a tool that plays an important role in the water treatment process. Demineralization aims to minimize mineral content in water by using cation anion resins. This demineralization system is able to produce water with a very high level of purity (ultrapure water) with the amount of ionic and an-ionic content close to zero so that it reaches an almost undetectable limit. This demineralization is often also called the Demineralizer or Deionization System. Demineralization filter has two systems namely Mixed Bed Demineralizer (one tube) and Two Bed Demineralizer (two tubes) which contain positive ion exchange resin (cation resin) and negative ion exchange resin (anion resin). In tubes containing cation resins the exchange of positive ions such as magnesium (mg), calcium (ca) and sodium (na) with H + ions from cation resins, while in anion tubes the exchange of negative ions such as Cl, SO4, SiO2 with OH- ions from anion resin. PT Purione Megatama provides a Demineralization Machine that can be assembled in a single system package using mild steel or FRP materials.
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